Do you always find yourself cramming clothes into suitcases hoping that you have all the necessary clothing to wear throughout your trip?

Traveling could be more FUN if you knew what and how to pack.

Last week, we asked 20 different travellers from different nation and their top concerns when planning a trip abroad and almost 90% of them mentioned two things – ‘travel light’ and ‘look good’.

But is it really possible to travel light and look good at the same time?

Shouldn’t you pack more so that you have all the clothes to dress well throughout your trip? And doesn’t’ that make your bags bulge and heavy? Well – only if you knew what and how to pack.

When you focus on the right priorities while packing, you will end up with only the things you need without having to waste precious suitcase space,” advises Mr. Martin, a travel photographer who’s been to more than 30 countries.


With that said, here are top 10 things you need to consider in order to travel light and look good this summer.

    1. Contact places you’ll be staying during your trip, such as hotels, and ask them about the amenities. You’ll save a precious luggage space by avoiding packing things like bathrobes, curling irons, hair dryers, blankets, soap, etc.
    2.  Prior to visiting any place, research its weather forecast. This will help you pack proper clothing.
    3. Check your itinerary and pack accordingly.  Planning your outfit before you arrive at your destination is crucial as it this step will prevent you from taking too much. For example, if there’s only one event on your itinerary, you only need one evening wear for the occasion or one shirt for each day of your trip.
    4. Pack clothes and scarves that match well with others, especially neutral shades like white, gray, black, brown, which are considered to be versatile colors.
    5. Leave replaceable items like toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc) behind as you can always buy them when you arrive. Or just take miniature travel sized accessories.
    6. Carry three pair of shoes. Pack two and wear the third. The shoe type you’ll choose will depend on the type of trip you will be taking.
    7. Use compression bags to pack your clothing. Compression bags such as plastic bags let you squeeze air from pile of clothing so that they occupy less space in your travel bags/suitcases. This method is more effective than simply rolling your clothes which leaves your clothes wrinkled and occupy more space on your suitcases.
    8. Tuck small accessories into other things. For example, you can roll up your ties, belts, and jewellery into shoes, makeup case, etc.
    9. Place flat items like your clothing at the bottom of your bag or suitcase. Let your shoes, accessories, and other items lie on top of it.
    10. And lastly select a suitcase which is light and has wheels for ease.

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