Hammasa Kohistani is a British fashion model who has been featured in many prominent magazines and fashion shows. Here she speaks to Saverah Women and reveals her beauty secrets:

Beauty regime for face

I always cleanse and moisturise my face, mainly using cold water. To exfoliate I use oats and olive oil to make a good scrub that exfoliates the skin.

Sometimes I use almond oil to moisturize my face and hands. Almond oil also helps nail growth.

I always use an eye cream to keep the eye area moisturised, as this is vital to avoid fine lines in the future.

Healthy Hair

I often put on a hair mask made of avocado mashed plus olive oil and a little honey, it keeps my hair strong and supple. If you want your hair to grow the best remedy is to mix almond oil, ground mustard powder and egg yolk and honey. Mustard powder is tingly and makes blood flow to the scalp promoting growth.

Also after washing I often use Kerastase Elixir oil which keeps my hair frizz free and soft.


It is important to eat healthily and exercise. In the gym I just focus on running and do some squats. However, I like Vikram yoga (hot yoga); it’s great for your hair, skin, flexibility, internal and external strength.

Fashion and styling tips

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Take into account your basic body shape and skin colour when it comes to clothes. As Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion comes and goes but style is eternal”. Have your personal style and then adapt it to current fashion trends but always stay true to yourself.