Tips & Tricks from Self-Made Go-Getters

We all have those weeks when energy reserves are dangerously low, you can’t seem to pick yourself up, and your to-do list feels impossible. Next time you’re feeling stuck or demotivated, remember these wise suggestions from five successful businesswomen.


Haslina Mohd Alihas-02

Marketing & Corporate Communications Director, Sri Munawwarah Design

Count your blessings:
When I feel that nothing can bring me ‘up,’ I think of my children and how Allah has given me so much in my life.
Turn to the Quran:
To lift my spirits and emotions, I read the tafseer of the Quran to give me perspective of all that Allah has bestowed upon me and see the bigger picture.
Get moving:
I always benefit from a good run in the park or on the treadmill. I also enjoy doing Zumba with the children or my staff to shake it off and get the adrenaline pumping!
Treat yourself:
My biweekly massage channels good energy and helps me fight the blues.


rabiaRabia Z

Founder and Creative Director of Rabia Z

Turn to Allah:
Pray! The Prayer of Need, Salat Al Hajah, works especially well.

Put pen to paper:
Reflect on why you are feeling demotivated. Write down the answers to the following questions: Why am I stuck? What is causing it? Why do I feel demotivated? What is the underlying cause? What can I change? What is beyond my control? Use a mind-mapping tool to organize all possible solutions. Print it so you have a visual, and write a pro/con list for each solution. Visually seeing challenges and solutions makes you realize that it is not as bad it seems!

Take it day by day:
Each day, accomplish what you have control over. Chuck out what doesn’t serve you. Anything you don’t have control over, submit it to Allah.

Positivity matters:
Take a break from negative people until you are back on your feet and feeling motivated again. I like to remember this quote: “Negativity can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency. Vibrate higher!”

Get moving:
Exercise in any form, whether it’s going to the gym, walking, or dancing with your kids or younger siblings at home. It’s the best cure out there for low energy!

Give thanks for every single blessing in your life. Allah increases us in everything we thank Him for.


Pinky Lilani, CBE DLPinky Lilani, CBE DL

Founder and Chair of Asian Women of Achievement Awards; Founder of Spice Magic

Reach out:
Ring someone with good energy who you enjoy talking to. Also talk to a wide variety of people, including some you don’t normally consider. Mark Granovetter’s theory called the strength of weak ties says people who you don’t know well can give you some different ideas.

Move your body:
Walk or do some aerobic exercise—exercise releases endorphins and helps you feel more positive.

Go to the cinema:
I love going to a matinee on my own—you can get lost in the plot and forget about your own worries for a while.

Grab a treat:
Treat yourself to a foamy cappuccino and a naughty slice of cake. This is a short-lived pleasure, but it can help!

Acknowledge your strengths:
When feeling down, think of all the things you do well and all the ways you’ve succeeded. This can help you feel more optimistic about whatever project you’re tackling.

Get creative:
Do something creative, such as preparing a dinner party for friends or family. The energy this generates is always positive.

Read some wisdom and be kind:
Know that every challenge has something you can learn from and that life keeps moving, even if you feel stuck today. Also, perform a random act of kindness—it fills you with warmth!


Julie SiddiqiJulie Siddiqi

Founder, Sadaqa Day

Seek the root cause:
Think about why you are feeling stuck or lacking motivation and see if there’s anything you can change. Perhaps the job or project you are working on is not exciting or challenging enough. I try to work only on projects I believe in that get me up early and have me feeling enthusiastic.

Cultivate positive energy:
Perhaps you lack focus or have other worries on your mind. Surrounding yourself with good people can help! I am generally a positive person and am not a fan of people who moan a lot. They drain my batteries! The Prophet (s) taught us to keep good company. This includes avoiding spending time with people who drain your energy.

Spend time with loved ones:
I love meeting family and friends, and I love chilling with my husband and kids at home. This helps me forget the stresses of work.


Erum MasooErum Masoodd

Business Consultant

Make a list:
Write down what you have to accomplish in the next five days, making note of the things you want to do but don’t have to do. Separating the “wants” from the “haves” can help you prioritize.

Read a book:
My favorite remedy is to read about inspiring women who have been my role models. I then creatively imagine and practice what some of them would do in my situation.

Look within:
I derive my strength from within, through meditation and physical relaxation, yoga or swimming.

Take a walk:
Sometimes a long walk in the park can bring positive energy.

Gather some friends:
Being with positive people in a group is perhaps the best and simplest way to rejuvenate yourself and open your mind.

Embrace your femininity:
Being a woman at times can be very rewarding. Visit a nice salon or spa—I find that looking good and feeling good can bring out the best in me!