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Seeking a Marriage Partner

December 23, 2015
Mariam Adam explores how Modern Muslim Women approach finding a partner while living in the West.   In recent decades, Muslim…

Keeping up with your Divine Gift

Healthy living is part and parcel of Islam. Nazia Khatun sheds some light on Islam’s holistic approach to health and treating…
Sustaining Motivation

Sustaining Motivation

December 22, 2015
Tips & Tricks from Self-Made Go-Getters We all have those weeks when energy reserves are dangerously low, you can’t seem to…
secret to successfully achieve your goals

Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

November 10, 2015
Have you ever wondered how successful women manage to achieve their goals? It is no coincidence that success stems from hard work…
7 Practices of Highly Successful Business Women

The 7 Practices of Highly Successful Business Women

September 29, 2014
Saiyyidah Zaidi is a business coach and psychologist. She is founding partner of a City coaching practice and works with clients…