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Saverah Women Expo

September 24, 2016
in News
The 2nd annual Saverah Women Expo was held successfully on the 29th May at the prestigious Intercontinental London – The O2. Over…

Saverah Women Expo 15

December 24, 2015
Muslim Women of today are courageous, visionaries and change-makers. Couple of years ago it would have been thought for only a handful…

Seeking a Marriage Partner

December 23, 2015
Mariam Adam explores how Modern Muslim Women approach finding a partner while living in the West.   In recent decades, Muslim…

Keeping up with your Divine Gift

Healthy living is part and parcel of Islam. Nazia Khatun sheds some light on Islam’s holistic approach to health and treating…
Sustaining Motivation

Sustaining Motivation

December 22, 2015
Tips & Tricks from Self-Made Go-Getters We all have those weeks when energy reserves are dangerously low, you can’t seem to…
‘Present’ Living in the Here & Now

‘Present’ Living in the Here & Now

November 10, 2015
Wajeeha Amin highlights the positive attitude to take control of our thoughts and the importance to start living in the present…